BBC news for Oxfordshire

'Urgent' search for father and two boys from Berkshire

Police are concerned for the long-term welfare of the missing children.

Reading Bridge assault victim fears for his livelihood

A 61-year-old fears he may have lost his sight in one eye after a "completely unprovoked" attack.

New London to Cardiff trains pulled over 'teething' issues

New trains running from London to Cardiff were called "the biggest fleet upgrade in a generation".

Reading black community group in 'racial tension' row

A group representing African and Caribbean residents has offered to buy a derelict club in Reading.

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Obama and Bush decry deep US divisions without naming Trump

Comments by the two ex-presidents are seen as a veiled rebuke of Donald Trump's leadership.

Kirkuk province: Iraqi and Kurdish forces in fierce fight

Fierce fighting erupts in the last part of the Kirkuk province held by the Kurdish Peshmerga.

MH370: Malaysia in deal with US firm to restart plane search

Texas-based Ocean Infinity signs a deal to search for plane wreckage on a "no find-no fee" basis.

Catalonia crisis: Spain plans for elections as independence row grows

The region's parliament would be dissolved as part of measures to impose direct control.