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Reading bus collision: Driver admits hitting pedestrian

CCTV footage showing the double-decker bus knocking down the man went viral on the internet.

Glenn Miller mystery: Notebook sheds light on death

Glenn Miller's plane vanished over the Channel without a trace in 1944.

PC Gareth Browning death: Driver admits manslaughter

PC Gareth Browning was hit by a stolen car and died of his injuries three years later.

Woman raped in Windsor in early-hours attack

A 24-year-old man is being questioned by police on suspicion of rape.

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Australia child abuse inquiry finds 'serious failings'

A landmark inquiry calls for the Catholic Church to allow voluntary celibacy for its priests.

Odebrecht scandal: Peru president Kuczynski resists pressure to quit

Pablo Kuczynski says he will publish his accounts, amid growing pressure over corruption allegations.

US woman used bitcoin to move cash to Islamic State, police say

She is accused of taking out fraudulent bank loans and buying bitcoin to funnel cash to IS.

Russia a 'risk' to undersea cables, defence chief warns

Chief of the defence staff Sir Stuart Peach warns disruption to undersea cables could be "catastrophic".