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Dalton Barracks Abingdon - There are 5 SFA areas for Abingdon with 75% of these being in the village of Shippon where Dalton Barracks is based; just a short walking distance away from Station and a mile outside Abingdon town centre. Further SFA can be found at Wantage and Grove, Southmoor and Didcot.
There are 2 Spar shops; one within the barracks and one in the SFA area. There are 3 main supermarkets in Abingdon; Tesco, Somerfield and Waitrose and a range of high street stores. Oxford with its larger selection of stores and amenities can be reached within 20 minutes.

History of RAF Abingdon/Dalton Barracks
The base was opened in 1932, initially as a training station for RAF Bomber Command. It continued in this role through World War II. After the War RAF Abingdon became part of RAF Transport Command, and also the home of 1 Parachute Training School. The station was closed in December 1992 and was then taken over by the British Army and renamed Dalton Barracks.

The barracks is named in honour of James Langley Dalton, a Victoria Cross winner at the Rorke's Drift Mission Station, Natal, South Africa, in January 1879. Dalton was a member of the Army Commissary Corps, a predecessor of the Royal Logistic Corps. Eleven Victoria Crosses were awarded for this action. The Army now uses the base form two regiment of the Royal Logistic Corps, the 3 and 4 Regiments that support the 1st Division.

It is now possible to contact any Army base: 0207 2189000

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